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BIOS POST Test Card Combo

DUO Cards analyze the POST Beeps for the exact POST error code and can tell you exactly why a computer is failing to boot!

Excellent value, universal Bios POST beep code card set, comprising the  PCI card and the  Laptop card, between them they can analyze POST beep codes and diagnose start up or boot problems in just about any type of IBM PC/AT compatible PC hardware.

 DUO cards fit either PCI or ISA Slots in desktop computers, or a Mini PCI slot or LPT printer port on laptop and notebooks, to troubleshoot hardware boot problems.

Used in conjunction with the comprehensive manual containing the BIOS manufacturer POST fault codes,  DUO cards can pinpoint the exact cause of the most obscure problems in non-booting computer hardware..


When a pc fails to boot up the symptoms are: repeated beeping with a blank screen or the pc will appear completely dead. The  cards are passive POST Diagnostic Code Readers. Used with the technical manual and BIOS manufacturers diagnostic codes, this product can help a you quickly and easily diagnose faults in ANY IBM or compatible PC hardware failing to boot up.


EASY TO USE - There are NO jumpers or switches to set. Simply plug the card into a free PCI or ISA slot on desktops or a Mini PCI slot or the LPT Printer Port on laptops & notebooks, on the non-booting PC and switch on power.

At power-on the PC's BIOS performs a Power On Self-Test (POST) of all Motherboard components. For every test the BIOS sends an identifier code (POST Code) to the system speaker (these are the beep codes). The  card intercepts these signals, translates them into numbers and displays the code on the hexadecimal  digital displays on the card. If a test fails, the display will halt at the failing test identifier code.

 is the Universal designed to quickly and easily troubleshoot dead Desktop, Laptop and Notebook PC's in a matter of minutes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Insert the  card into a spare PCI or ISA slot on desktops, or Mini PCI or LPT Printer Port on laptops & notebooks

  2. Power the system on. Watch the LEDs and digital display for failure symptoms.  After a few moments,  will display one (or more) error codes or an LED will not light up correctly

  3. Simply look the code up in the comprehensive manual under the correct BIOS and in a minute or two, you'll know exactly why the computer isn't booting!

Features: analyzer

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The  POST diagnostic cards have universal meaning they will work with virtually all IBM/AT compatible computer hardware..

COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL - 's detailed and comprehensive manual covers POST codes for all major BIOS manufacturers. Simply reference the manual with the failure code and find the exact cause of the boot problem and/or the component that failed.

Adapts to PCI bus, will work without input from PCI clock

Displays POST80 code from 80 HEX 

Compact Design:  is less bulky than most POST cards.

LED'S - LED lights monitor power supply voltages, Reset, Oscillator, BIOS, Clock, Run Status. 

MONITORS PCI FUNCTIONS - Initiator Ready, Frame, Device Select etc.

MONITORS PLUG n PLAY - DETECTS CARD LOCKUP'S -  is the only post diagnostic card in its class to provide a true solution to ISA and PCI signal problems, important because bus transactions can be locked by faulty a faulty PnP 'handshake' signal, causing freezing in mid boot. and a boot failure.  monitors PnP transactions flagging up handshake problems. Particularly useful when installing add-on cards and adapters or troubleshooting PCs and Network problems.

LED FAULT CODE DISPLAYS -  cards have multiple 4 digit hexadecimal displays that read out Bios POST codes. One is mounted on each side of the cards for easy viewing from either side and the Desktop version has a 3rd additional display for remote viewing. All segments light during Reset.

MULTIPLE FAULT DETECTION:  cards can identify multiple faults.

CYCLING BUTTONS: With  you can 'cycle' the displays through multiple fault codes.



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