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EMCO Remote Administration Suite - Macro Scripter Examples

Macro script examples for EMCO Remote Network Administration Software, categorised for easy navigation. Using Remote Administrations built in scripting wizard, network administrators and even complete novices can produce scripts like these in a just a few minutes.


Change Home Page

Creating Shortcut

Detailed Examples

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

Evaluation Examples

IF Disk Space

IF File Exists

IF File Version

If Operating System

If Operating System NT

If Process Running

If Registry Key Exists

If Service Exists

Execution Examples

Execute Macro File


Run Execute

File Action Examples

Create Directory

File Copy

File Delete

File Move

File Rename

Keyword Examples



White space

Registry Action Examples

Registry Key Add

Registry Key Delete

Registry Merge

Registry Read Value Example

Variables Examples

Declare Variable

Expand Variable

Set Variable

Wait Action

Wait for Termination

Wait for Window Action

System Action  Examples

Accessibility Features

Add File Association

Capture Screen Shot to a File

Capture Screen Shot to Clipboard

Change Screen Resolution

Continue Service

Create Service

Hide cursor

Hide Desktop Icon

System Action  Examples...continued...

Delete Service

Empty Recycle Bin

Forced Logoff

Forced Power-off

Forced Reboot

Forced Shutdown

Hide Taskbar

Lock Work Station


Map Network Drive

Modem Configuration

Open, Add, Remove, Programs

Open Date, Time Dialog box

Open Display Properties Dialog box

Open Font Configuration Dialog box

Open Internet Explorer Properties

Open Keyboard Configuration Dialog box

Open Modem Configuration

Open Mouse Configuration Dialog box

Open Multimedia Configuration

Open Network Connection Folder

Open ODBC Configuration Dialog box

Open Port

Open Printer Configuration Dialog box

Open Regional And Language Settings

Open Sound And Audio Device Settings

Open System Properties

Pause Service

Play Sound

Power Options Applet


Process Journal Hook


Register DLL

Register OCX

Send Keys

Send System Keys

Set Checkbox

Set Combo Text

Set Window Textbox Text

Show Cursor

Show Desktop Icon

Show Message

Show Taskbar



Start Service

Stop Service

Terminate Process

Turn off Caps Lock Key

Turn off NumLock Key

Turn on Caps Lock Key

Turn on NumLock Key

Turn on Scroll Lock Key

Turnoff Scroll Lock Key

Uncheck checkbox

Write Environment Variable




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