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Remote Administration Screen Shots

The Screenshots from Emco Remote Administration, demonstrate the Look & Feel as well as some of the key features of the network administration software. Click on any screenshot to see a larger image.

 Main Window

The main window of EMCO Remote Administration is divided in to four sections, the Menu bar, Command Bar, Available Node Panel that shows the polled systems on the LAN. and a set of options tabs.

Add Schedule

The Add Schedule dialog box. To add a Schedule, type in the name of the schedule, select the Job name from the dropdown list, select schedule time and date and click OK.

Complete Tab

The Complete Tab shows the status of all currently executed jobs and displays the details of  completed jobs.

Enumerate LAN via Domain Name

Select  Enumerate LAN for Machines by specifying Domain Name or Workgroup. Select the provider and provide the Domain name or the Workgroup name to continue scan

Enumerate via range of IP addresses

Add machines Via IP range Dialog box appears when you select to add machines manually by providing a range of IP addresses. You will have to provide the details about the network provider, Domain/Workgroup and the range of IP addresses (like to 192-168.0.10)

Filtering Tab

When you switch to the filtering Tab by clicking the 'Filtering' shown on the lower left corner of the main window of EMCO Remote Administration, you will be able to select different filters that you want to apply by selecting them from the drop down list

Machine Queue Tab

The Machine Queue Tab contains the list of the machines that you have selected from network machines tree.


Macro Scripter

The Macro Scripter Window  appears when you select Launch Macro Script Builder menu item under Macro Scripter menu. It offers over 60 drag and drop functions to choose from and generate scripts in record time

No Machines Available Wizard

Select the 'No Machine Available Wizard' menu item under Wizards menu. This wizard guides you to enumerate the LAN network for available machines with just a few mouse clicks

Options Tab

The Option Tab allows you to configure different settings for  EMCO Remote Administration software. You can specify what information is to be collected during the scan

Service Pack Deployment Wizard

Select the 'Service Pack Deployment Wizard' menu item under Wizards menu. Allows you to deploy Service Packs on remote machines on your network with just a few mouse clicks

Update Custom

Select 'Update Custom' under the Update popup menu. This allows you to scan network machines whose scan dates are earlier then the specified date

Actions Tab

Add the actions you want to perform on the selected network machines in the Machines Queue Tab. Just select the action to perform from the dropdown list and click 'Add' button then select options from the displayed dialog box and click the 'Run Now' button to execute the action, or schedule it to be executed automatically at a future time and date.

Add Job Definition

Click the 'Add' button in the Job Definition Tab. Just type in the name of the job and its description and click OK to add a job

Add Machines

Allows you to add machines manually to the network Machines Tree. You will need to provide the details about the Provider of the Network, Domain/Workgroup and Machine Name.

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