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Emco Remote Administration for Windows

If you are responsible for any size computer network, you’re probably familiar with the amount of legwork involved in running it and troubleshooting problems. Even obtaining basic info such as individual Client system information, OS version, applications installed. amount of memory etc, can be a marathon. not to mention installing new software, setting up hardware, etc, etc. 

Remote Network Administration Suite from Emco Software is a new network management tool that can do the legwork for you! 

Remotely administer, Install, un-install and configure software, as well as gather extensive information on remote computers on a LAN network, right from your own desk. So you no longer need to visit each individual system on a network every time you need to add, remove or reconfigure applications or install software updates or service packs, simply deploy the power of Emco Remote Administration tools to do it for you. 

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Site & Enterprise Licensing Options available from 25 Nodes

Remote Administration Features & Benefits

Easy installation and configuration gets you started in a few minutes. 
Intuitive and easy to use interface. 
Doesn't require DCOM/RPC to communicate with remote network computers.
Poll LAN networks for systems and domains with one mouse click. 
Collect comprehensive detailed information on hardware, operating systems and applications etc, on  installed memory, hdd, operating system and software, find product id's and license info etc. 
Remotely deploy and install software applications on individual, selected or all systems on a network, right from your desk. 
No scripting experience needed. Macro Scripting utility creates scripts with drag and drop functionality, Quickly compile custom scripts and save them as script files.
'Deploy and run' scripts with administrator privileges in one shot . 
One shot, 'Network wide' simultaneous script execution. 
Execute packages and scripts (.exe, .bat, .cmd .msi, .vbs, .js) for unattended installations. 
Powerful scheduling tools, schedule different tasks to execute automatically at a time of your choosing. 
Remote functions include Reboot, Run Process, Kill Process, Merge Registry file etc. 
Automated  management and installation of remote services. 
Extensive filtered search capability with Database of information on all remote systems on a network, filter by operating system; version, service pack, installed applications etc, amount of memory etc. 
Manage running processes and applications on remote systems.
Remotely monitor hardware performance graphs; CPU, memory usage etc.. 
Remote deployment of software, service packs, hot fixes etc, across an entire network, at a mouse click. 
Remotely install, configure, and remove applications. 
Full remote control of Actions and Macro Scripts logging. 
Remotely Configure and modify Windows operating systems across the network. 
Add custom scan criteria for registry, file and services.

And much more..

System Requirements

Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Server 2003 x32, Windows Vista x32 




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