Laptop File Data Recovery Tools Kit

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Laptop File Recovery & Diagnostics Tool Kit

All The File Data Recovery and Laptop Diagnostic Tools The Master Laptop Technician Needs, in one Case.



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Laptop Technicians Diagnostic & File Recovery Tool Kit 

 contains the most comprehensive set of Industrial Strength Diagnostic Software & Hardware and Data Recovery Tools available today, purpose designed for the rigorous diagnostic testing of, and recovery of disk data from, any IBM PC/AT compatible Laptop or Notebook, computer hardware.

The Toolkit is truly Universal, meaning it can diagnose and find problems in virtually any IBM/AT compatible laptop computer hardware whether 'Dead or Alive', with or without an operating system and even if no hard disk is installed, As long as it has power and a Floppy or CD or DVD or USB port and a Mini PCI Slot or LPT port., the Tool Kit will diagnose it and recover data from it.



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