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The " Benchmark" For Professional Computer Diagnostics.... Pro Lite home user version, diagnostic software is the supercharged suite of Industrial Strength hardware troubleshooting tool's for inexperienced and home users worldwide.



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Diagnostics For Home Users

features & benefits:

Drivers Loaded Testing: Tests devices with Windows Drivers loaded for maximum diagnostic coverage.
Save time and money: By checking your PC's hardware yourself, calling a professional only if you need one.
Detailed & Accurate Report:
Unique Discovery Engine Technology provides extensive information and a detailed, accurate report covering operating system and system hardware. When support technicians are required, detailed logs of all test results can immediately be provided, cutting down on labour charges. 
Benchmark Testing 
Easy to Use Menu System 
Robust Context-Sensitive Help 

Lifetime Free Technical Support 
Performance Guarantee  

Testing Features

Rugged Diagnostic Testing For:
Processor: Tests ALL processor types, 32 bit support.
Tests ALL system memory, 
Hard Drives:
Exhaustive Testing for all detected drives & controllers 
CD/DVD drives:
Tests ALL detected drives 
Floppy Drives:
Tests Drives, controllers & floppy disks 
 Tests capabilities of most monitors
Video Card:
Tests card capabilities and Video Memory with drivers loaded
Network Card: 
Tests all types of cards and onboard adaptors with drivers loaded
Connected and Unconnected testing with drivers loaded 
Sound cards:
 Comprehensive Suite of sound card testing with drivers loaded
Serial Ports
(serial loop back plug required)
Saves time and money:
At a cost of less than $30, most users will soon make the purchase price back in on saved time alone.




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