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PC Hardware Testing Software For Novice Users

The " Benchmark" For Professional Computer Diagnostics.... Pro diagnostic software is the supercharged suite of Industrial Strength diagnostic tool's for professional computer technicians and power users worldwide.



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Hardware Testing For Novices & Students

Aimed at novice home and student users etc, it incorporates a feature-rich set of exhaustive diagnostic testing programs that can either Self Boot or run in Windows. Novice not only rigorously tests for & accurately diagnoses problems in computer hardware, it's also instructional, helping the novice or student user understand what's happening, with context sensitive help, coaching and repair tips etc. Pro is both a Self Boot Universal Testing program, meaning the software will run on any IBM/AT or compatible computer hardware, regardless of the operating system, and a Windows diagnostic suite, for use exclusively in Windows for drivers loaded testing. Professional Suite Novice is available as a download only.

Computer Testing Software - OVERVIEW

computer Diagnostic Testing Software of choice for professional technicians world-wide and if that isn't a Pedigree we don't know what is. These pro's are not using products just because they are the best value diagnostics on the market today (which they are), they are using them because they think they are as good as, or better than, anything else currently available! 

The comprehensive set of Industrial Strength diagnostic routines in Novice are the same as those in Professional and are purpose designed for rigorous testing of all a computers components.

Pro Novice Comprises 2 Powerful Diagnostic Programs:

  1. Professional Self Boot Lite... Universal computer diagnostics, Boot from Floppy Disk, CD or USB Drive, runs on any IBM/AT compatible hardware regardless of of the installed operating system, will even run on pc's with no HDD. Boot as PXE Server on a network to diagnose networked computer hardware at the hardware level. Provides Industrial Strength Testing at the hardware level with; 64 Bit Support,

Rugged Suite of Burn-In Routines, Comprehensive Reporting, Powerful Suite Of Disk Utilities, Benchmark Testing, backup, Restore or edit CMOS Ram, etc, etc. Easy to use interface and Context-Sensitive Help with coaches and tips and much more.... Compare Features
  • Windows Professional Lite... Windows diagnostics, can be run from hard drive, CD, or USB Stick Drive. Uses same Industrial Strength diagnostic routines as Self Boot, adapted for Windows, provides complete testing of video card, sound system, network card and other hardware requiring Windows drivers loaded.  Accurate and detailed test logs, Comprehensive reporting on hardware and operating system. Benchmark & Compare features and much more.... Compare Features

  • Pro Novice features & benefits: 

    Dual Boot, Self Booting and Windows Diagnostics provide all the tools needed to cover all diagnostic requirements.
    Universal Capability: Diagnose any IBM PC/AT compatible hardware, even if no operating system or hard drive is installed.
    Testing At The Hardware Level: Boots into it's own purpose modified FreeDos OS, to test hardware at the hardware level, thus providing extremely accurate test results and reports.
    Boot As PXE Server: Can deployed to boot remotely on networked server hardware etc. More Info:
    Drivers Loaded Testing: Tests devices with Windows Drivers loaded for maximum diagnostic coverage.
    Detailed & Accurate Reporting: Unique Discovery Engine Technology provides extensive information and detailed, accurate reporting covering operating system and system hardware.
    Run All Tests: 1 click runs all tests, for Power Users and Bundlers: Junior Technicians, Student Technicians, PC Builders, Corporate Users. 
    Basic Configuration Information Screen: shows major hardware components and allows edit, save, and restore of CMOS RAM info. 
    Test all major standard IBM-compatible PC/AT components: CPU (including multiple CPUs),, Memory, Disk Drives, CD ROM Drives, Sound, Video, Serial/Parallel/USB Ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick.
    Easy to use: Tests grouped by device. Run them in multiple passes or for specific time periods, log a summary or the full results to printer or file.
    Proven diagnostics: give confidence system hardware is functioning as it should. 
    Basic Benchmark Testing: Benchmark CPU, Math Co-processor, Video, Hard Drive and CD ROM, run as a batch in continuous loops to show you how well the system is performing, detect performance bottlenecks etc. 
    Context-Sensitive Help: Coaches with tips on repairs etc,
    Built In manual: Find what you need to know when you need it, by pressing one or two keys. Keeps you informed without referencing a printed manual. 
    OEM/Bundling: Provides solid reliability and consistency for manufacturers to bundle with new systems.
    Ideal for home users or student technicians. The perfect balance of diagnostics and information, informs as well as performs...

    User Interface 
    Menu-driven – hot keys, cursor keys, or mouse clicks select items, ESC key goes to previous item 
    User-configurable screen colors 
    Context-sensitive help 
    Setup allows backup copies 
    Scans its own files for viruses for peace of mind 

    Contains dozens of menu items that run thousands of diagnostic tests 
    Thorough testing of all IBM-PC/AT standard components 
    Tests organized in groups: 

    System (motherboard and single/multiple CPUs) 
    Memory (main, cache, video) 
    Video (display adapter and monitor) 
    Fixed Disk (including non-destructive write tests) 
    Floppy Disk 
    Compact Disk (CD) 
    Serial Controllers (including Modem) 
    Parallel Controllers (including Printers) 
    Sound Card and Speaker (Sound Blaster Compatible) 
    Year 2000 and Real Time Clock Synchronicity 
    USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port Circuitry 

    Shows performance or raw speed. 
    Tests CPU, math, video, hard drive disk, CD 
    Runs through all tests in continuous passes 
    Results Log 
    Logs results to disk or printer 
    Allows user to print or save to file the contents of any screen. 
    Logs detailed test results or just a test summary to printer or file 




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