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Burnin testing software for burning in new PC's and computer repair burnin. Utilizes the supercharged suite of Industrial Strength diagnostic tool's in Pro to Burn-in and test computer hardware for professional computer technicians and Computer Manufacturers worldwide. - " Benchmark" For Professional Computer Diagnostics.... 



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Burn-in Testing Suite

Accurate burn-in testing of pc hardware:

+ Verifies repaired computer hardware 

+ Improves Quality Control. 

+ Reduces RMA's

+ Reduces Support Costs

+ Increases Customer Satisfaction

= Increased Profits

PROVEN WAY TO IMPROVE QUALITY CONTROL- Windows and Self Booting Burnin Software, tests all PC hardware regardless of operating system. 

PC Repair shops and Warranty repair facilities at major pc manufacturers report that up to a third of RMA returned & repaired pc systems are returned a second, or even a third time, with similar or additional problems. This is mainly due to inadequate fault detection procedures. In other words, when the system was returned the first time it either had multiple faults but only one was detected, or the fault was not correctly identified in the first place or the fault was repaired but the repair was not verified.

Burning in new hardware with Burnin Software, combined with hardware repair verification with the Professional Diagnostic Toolkit, WILL detect multiple faults and WILL reduce the numbers of returned systems DRAMATICALLY.




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