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The " Benchmark" For Professional Computer Diagnostics.... Quality Control Solutions for PC manufacturers - Burn-in to stress test and burn-in computer hardware and the Toolkit with supercharged Computer Diagnostics to troubleshoot and find faults in RMA computer hardware.


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Setting up an effective Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA), After sales and Support System will always pay dividends in reduced RMA's, reduced Tech Support Calls, and reduced Site Call Outs etc, for computer manufacturers of all sizes. Typically resulting in higher quality output, significantly lower support costs and corresponding increases in customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales and profits.

If you want to stand out from the herd for all the right reasons take a very close look at your quality control and support set-up.

If You Find You Need To:

Improve Quality Control during manufacture!

Stop defective units entering your supply chain!

Reduce RMA returns!

Eliminate 2nd or 3rd time RMA's!

Eliminate Unnecessary Site visits!

Reduce the Time Your Tech's Spend On Site!

Cut the Time Spent Dealing with Support Phone Calls!

Reduce Overall Support Costs!

Cut Customer Frustration and Improve Confidence!

Increase Product Satisfaction!


solutions to help you achieve your goals!
  1. Quality Control Solution

  2. Fault Remediation Solution

  3. Support Helpdesk Solution

Quality Control On The Production Line

Used by some of the biggest "Brand Names" in the business, Burn-In and the Diagnostic Toolkit are well tried and tested. Deployed correctly they are capable of transforming your companies performance in quality control and support, with all the benefits this can bring.


Burn in Testing should be the keystone of any computer quality control setup. The stress testing and burning in of newly manufactured PC hardware with BurnIn, will find and identify hardware problems and potential problems on the production line, preventing faulty computer systems entering the supply.

carries out accurate burn-in testing of computer hardware, benefits include:

+ finds faults on the production line

+ Verifies repaired computer hardware 

+ Improves Quality Control. 

+ Reduces RMA's

+ Reduces Support Costs

+ Increases Customer Satisfaction

= Increased Profits

more info: Burn-in test software


Fault Verification & Remediation:

The next step is verification of faults and repairs to systems identified as "faulty" by Burn-In software or diagnosing RMA returns as well as troubleshooting problems on the assembly line. 

PC Repair shops and Warranty repair facilities at major pc manufacturers report that up to a third of RMA repaired pc systems are returned a second, or even a third time, with similar or additional problems. This is mainly due to inadequate fault detection procedures. In other words, when the system was returned the first time it either had multiple faults but only one was detected, or the fault was not correctly identified. In these situations a Diagnostic Toolkit is invaluable...

 Diagnostic Toolkit

The Toolkit has everything the Pro Technician is ever likely to need to diagnose problems in any IBM AT compatible PC or Laptop computer hardware whether 'DEAD or ALIVE'. For Further Information Go To: Universal Diagnostic Tool-kit Spec.

Computer Support Remote Helpdesk Solution:

Whether you provide your own pc support services, contract them out or are a computer support specialist, an inadequate or overloaded support setup will cost you customers and ultimately money or even your business.  Even in well run support set-ups there can be room for improvement, our specialist hardware support solutions can help.



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