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CompTIA Authorized A+ Certification Training Course,

Micro 2000's CompTIA A+ Certification Career Training packs are purpose designed for ease of use, bringing CompTIA accredited A+ certification training within the reach of anyone.

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Comptia A+ Certification

CAQC CERTIFIED - Certified by CompTIA, the CAQC certification means that this course has been reviewed and approved by CompTIA for meeting or exceeding all of the required elements in an A+ training program.

'Did you know that certification as a CompTIA A+ computer technician can increase your job prospects and your salary dramatically? 

For example, fully qualified, experienced CompTIA A+ certified tech's can earn $40,000pa (30,000) or more.

The CompTIA A+ Certificate is an industry-wide, international program certifying the competency of PC service technicians in the computer industry. Recognised world-wide, earning CompTIA A+ Certification means you have acquired the proven technical skills and knowledge to effectively build, repair, service and support computer hardware, and work anywhere in the world.

Start on your career improvement path now, with with our fully CompTIA accredited CompTIA certification training pack! Our easy to understand comprehensive self study training course has all the materials - CD's, Study Guides, Text books, Reference Books, digital video etc plus the expert support you will need to help you quickly pass your a+ exam and to become CompTIA A+ certified in the shortest possible time.

A+ Certification Training Course

PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair Training in 'PLAIN ENGLISH'. 

NO COMPUTER EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - Other courses expect students to have at least 6 months previous experience working with pc hardware. The Micro2000, CompTIA Authorized A+ Course is suitable for COMPLETE NOVICES with no prior knowledge of computers, at all!

A+, APlus, Certification Training Course

Micro 2000 CompTIA A+ training course contains everything you need to know about Microsoft systems and PC hardware Including: DOS, Windows 2000, NT, XP, MIL, 98, 95, 3.1, 3.11 as well as Novell systems and general system set-up and debugging. Our training course also contains extensive Video, 'Targeted' sample exam questions, practice exams and interactive simulations with exact references to study materials...


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Updated 27 April 2007